Ballet flat Olga in Crochet: Innovation Meets Tradition in Craftsmanship

At the heart of our latest collection, Spelta Milano brings a breath of newness and tradition with our renewed ballerina " Olga ", this time exploring the infinite possibilities of crochet. Crochet is a knitting technique that intertwines threads to create a unique and distinctive fabric. This year, we transformed Olga using this ancient method, offering it in four color variations : black, light tan, fuchsia and orange.

Each pair is handcrafted with care and dedication, using high-quality yarns that ensure durability, sustainability and comfort. The inside of the shoe is reinforced with a matching mesh , designed to offer support and breathability, keeping the foot cool and comfortable all day long.

Each color chosen for the crochet Olga has its own history and meaning:
  • Black : Elegant and versatile, black is a classic that never fades. Perfect for formal occasions or to add a touch of class to a casual outfit.
  • Light tan: A reference to nature and earth tones, light tan is ideal for those who love a sober but refined style.
  • Fuchsia : Bright and bold, fuchsia adds an unrivaled touch of vibrancy, perfect for those who want to stand out and add an element of lightheartedness to their wardrobe.
  • Orange : Vibrant and energetic, orange is a bold choice that adds vitality and joy to any look.

The Olga ballet flat in crochet raffia stands out not only for its charming appearance but also for its incredible versatility. Suitable for multiple occasions, from a day at the office to an elegant evening, Olga promises to be the center of attention. The internal mesh mesh and real leather insole ensure that style never compromises comfort.

We invite all fashion and craft enthusiasts to discover the new Olga ballet flats in crochet on our website . Explore the color range and discover how this unique piece can transform your spring and summer wardrobe.



Crochet can also be made on Nicole, Sofia and IMMA, so if you prefer these alternatives, purchase Olga in Crochet and write the model you chose in the notes. We will make the pair based on your request. The price is the same!

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