Stitched Ballerinas

When choosing a type of footwear there are many factors to take into consideration, first of all the quality of the materials and the type of workmanship. For the creation of its footwear, Spelta Milano uses only high quality Italian fabrics and leather, processed for each shoe by expert craftsmen in the family workshop.

What is the secret of the "shoe that fit like a glove"?

All Spelta Milano shoes are made by hand, using the "sewing and turning" technique, a particular sewing method based on a reinterpretation of the traditional Goodyear process, where the upper is sewn directly to the sole and then turned over. This results in a unique fit sensation, as well as in a remarkable durability of footwear over time.

What does this mean?

    • a unique fit sensation, as the processing is very similar to the one of gloves, sewn and turned inside out;
    • no detachment or loss of the sole, unlike "mounted" ballet flats, where the sole is glued to the insole and can come off over time;
    • the absence of glues or artificial resins;
    • an unmatched softness and a remarkable durability of your footwear over time.

    The heel, in real Italian leather, is fixed to the sole with three brass nails to reinforce the idea of super resistance and embellish each shoe.

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