Our story

The story of Spelta Milano begins in 1957 in a small artisan studio of Parabiago, a district of Milan with a long tradition in footwear craftsmanship. This is where the iconic “Speltina” comes to life: a ballet flat shoe that fits like a glove and it’s manufactured with the traditional Goodyear technique, based on the stitching and lapel of the upper.

Exactly 10 years later, Spelta Milano becomes a brand. Thanks to a perfect mix of style and craftsmanship, together with the direct and ongoing relations of the family with fashion world, Spelta Milano establishes itself as a nationally recognized brand all over the years.

From 2010 Spelta becomes a reference point also for foreign markets: creative models, refined materials and sophisticated combinations disrupt traditional collections, enhancing Spelta reputation worldwide.

Today Spelta Milano is an internationally recognized brand, known and appreciated for its long craftmanship tradition, alongside the quality and style of its shoes, especially in Japan and Northern Europe.

Our footwear is available on our online shop and at prestigious national and international footwear stores.