Spring 2024: The Most Chosen Ballet Flats Colors by Our Users

Spring 2024 is painted in delicate and vibrant hues, reflecting our users' preferences in their choice of colors for their ballerinas. Spelta Milano is proud to present the top shades for this season: nude, powder blue, and red. Each color, available in different finishes like nappa, satin, and suede, promises to add a unique and personal touch to every outfit.

Nude: Subtle Elegance

Nude continues to be a favored choice for its ability to blend harmoniously with various palettes and discreetly enhance the elegance of the wearer. Available in nappa, satin, and suede, the ballerinas in this color embody versatility and comfort, perfect for accompanying the early warmth of spring.

  • Nicole: Classic Ballet Flats in Nude Nappa - Perfect for any occasion, from a workday to an evening aperitif.
  • Dalila: Satin Nude Ballet Flats with Pleated Details - Adds a touch of sophistication to any evening look.

    Powder Blue: A Breath of Freshness

    Powder blue brings a breath of freshness, evoking the lightness and serenity of spring skies. This color, available in nappa, proves to be a refined choice for those looking to add a subtle yet distinctive pop of color to their wardrobe.

    • Nicole: Ballet Flats in Powder Blue Nappa - Ideal for adding a delicate twist to your daytime ensembles.
    • Betta: Lace-up with Powder Blue Satin Bow - A playful detail that does not go unnoticed.

      Red: Passion at Your Feet

      Red, available in nappa, satin, and suede, is the choice for those who want to walk boldly. This intense and vibrant shade is a true statement of style, capable of enlivening any outfit with a touch of passion and determination.

      • Olga: Red Suede Accented Ballet Flats - Comfortable and chic, for those who dare to stand out.
      • UMA: Red Satin Ballet Flats with Elastic and Pleats - Perfect for special evenings where red becomes the protagonist.

        The choice of colors for ballerinas in spring 2024 reflects a desire for harmony, freshness, and passion. Each shade, carefully selected by our users, promises to enrich the spring wardrobe with style and personality.

        Visit speltamilano.it to discover these and other wonders of our collection. Let yourself be inspired by the colors of spring 2024 and choose your next pair of Spelta Milano ballet flat.

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