Style Revolution: Olga Ballet Flats in Transparent Mesh

Spelta Milano enthusiastically welcomes the new Olga ballet flats in black Mesh, a true design jewel that marries the freshness of contemporary fashion with the eternal charm of Italian craftsmanship.
Innovative, chic and irresistibly comfortable, the Olga in black Mesh are not simple ballet flats: they are a style statement. This fabric, much loved for its lightness and breathability, offers unparalleled comfort and an eye-catching aesthetic, making these shoes perfect for any occasion, from an afternoon stroll to an elegant evening event.
Already in 2019, Spelta Milano had introduced mesh ballet flats with the Nicole model, exclusively for the Japanese market. This step has allowed us to anticipate trends and establish ourselves as an innovative brand on an international scale. Today, with the new Olga in transparent black Mesh, we continue to explore this direction, combining past experience and new ideas.
The Olga ballerinas in black Mesh by Spelta Milano are extraordinarily versatile and lend themselves to a wide range of combinations, making them a must-have for every wardrobe. For a fresh and trendy daytime look, pair these ballet flats with a pair of skinny jeans and a light blouse; the contrast between the casual denim and the elegant mesh will create a perfect balance. For the evenings, however, choose to wear them with a floating midi dress in neutral or bright tones, for a sophisticated but not too formal effect.
Don't limit yourself to traditional dresses: the Olga in Mesh also look great with more structured garments, such as palazzo trousers or pleated skirts. And for an attention-grabbing finishing touch, experiment with colorful or patterned tights under your sheer ballet flats. This small detail can completely transform your outfit, adding a personal and creative touch that won't go unnoticed.
Spelta Milano celebrates the uniqueness of each customer by offering customization options that add a personal touch to your Olga. Want to add a grosgrain detail to the edges? No problem. Each pair can be tailored to reflect your personal taste, ensuring your new flats are truly yours.
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Currently the first color chosen for this preview is Black . What colors would you like to experiment with besides black? Write it to us below. 👇
(image credits Vanity Fair , iodonna , Elle )

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