Summer Sales: Up to 30% Discount on Selected Products

This summer, Spelta Milano celebrates sustainability with a special selection of products discounted up to 30%. In line with our commitment to more environmentally conscious and respectful fashion , we have decided to apply these discounts exclusively to products for which we already have the materials in our laboratory (leather, fabrics, soles). This not only allows us to manage inventory more efficiently, but also ensures that we can continue to offer our products without delays in deliveries.

At Spelta Milano, we believe that sales can be an opportunity to make smart purchases without compromising our sustainability values. By reducing the price of products that can be made with existing components, we minimize waste and ensure that each item produced is valued and used, reducing the environmental impact associated with ordering out of stock or running out of materials by giving priority to existing ones.

Each Spelta Milano product is handmade with precision and attention exclusively in our Milanese laboratory . Our commitment to traditional craftsmanship ensures that each piece is of the highest quality. We ensure all orders are produced and delivered within a maximum of 15 working days , combining efficiency with the bespoke quality that our customers love.

In addition to our tailor-made discounts, we also have a section dedicated to ready-made products , coming from prototyping and sampling, offered at incredibly low prices and available for immediate delivery. This initiative is part of our effort to ensure the sustainable recycling of products: we do not want them to remain unused in our warehouses, but to find a home where they can be appreciated and used.

Take advantage of our summer sales to renew your wardrobe with high-quality pieces at affordable prices. It's the perfect opportunity to purchase those items you've always wanted, knowing you're making a choice that supports sustainability.

Visit our website to explore the full selection and discover great discounts on products that will not only add style and comfort to your summer, but do so responsibly.

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