Dalila in Raso Nude-Ballerina-Spelta Milano

DALILA in Nude Satin

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Plissè fabric, round toe, leather sole, gros grain edge. Classic style and romantic soul. With 5 mm heel in genuine Italian leather and a rosè-pink nappa lining, Dalila is handmade with the traditional “sewing and turning” technique, a variation of the Goodyear stitching method, which guarantee extreme flexibility and durability over time.

In the package you will find the practical satin bag to never separate from your ballet flats!



Ballet flats became a real cult phenomenon in the 60s, thanks to the famous film "Roman Holiday" starring a very elegant and sensual Audrey Hepburn. In spite of what one might believe, these romantic shoes can also give a provocative look: they can be combined with any outfit and worn at any time of the day. Soft, comfortable and chic, you can carry your ballerinas with you with the practical satin bag and wear them even in case of... heel emergency!